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Brake Shop Grande Prairie, AB

It's no secret.  Brakes are one thing you definitely need working efficiently in your vehicle every time you get behind the wheel. The moment you notice that your brakes aren't working the way they should, it's time to bring your car or truck in to see us at Quick Lane Trader Ridge.

We're proud to provide high-quality brake repair and service to all of our customers here in Grande Prairie, AB and we'll even provide a complimentary brake inspection with any "Works Package" when you visit our location.

Our team wants your car to be completely safe.  We work hard to provide a meticulous and thorough inspection of your brakes and are able to use the proper parts and tools to make sure your brakes work properly.  All of our repairs are done on-site and most of our work can be completed while you wait.

At Quick Lane Trader Ridge in Grande Prairie, we provide the flexibility to schedule your service.  We service ALL MAKES, ALL MODELS, all the time and are open 7 days a week. You don't even need an appointment!  Simply drive to our location and through our warm and protected breezeway to get started.

If an appointment is more your style, simply book an appointment by clicking here.

Brake Repair

Signs You Need Brake Repair

Paying attention to how your car drives and brakes even when nothing is wrong is always going to help you identify a problem when it occurs. Knowing how your vehicle reacts and brakes will help diagnose problems long before your brakes cause you a problem.

Some of the most notable signs you need brake repair:

Squealing – One of the most common indicators that you need brake service is a squeak/squeal. This typically is a sign your brake pads are wearing down and a built-in safety feature many modern vehicles have and a warning not to ignore.

Grinding – When you press the brakes and hear a grinding sound it could indicate an issue with the calliper or a warning sign that your brake pads are needing immediate attention. It's important to visit us at Quick Lane Trader Ridge to have this checked out to avoid further (or worse) problems.

Sticking/Soft – When you press the brakes and notice a spongy or soft feeling in your pedal it could be a leak in your brake line. A leak can potentially disable your vehicle's brakes and could lead to serious issues on the road.

Brake Light – A sure-fire way to know there is an issue with your brakes is the indicator light in your vehicle. Instead of trying to diagnose which issue you may be having why not visit our location and utilize the experts at our Quick Lane.

Other indicators include a burning smell while driving, vibration or bouncing when you apply the brakes (can sometimes feel this in the steering wheel) or even feeling the vehicle pull to the side when you apply the brakes.

If you notice any of these symptoms please visit our Quick Lane.

What To Expect With Quick Lane Trader Ridge's Brake Shop

When you visit our Quick Lane In Grande Prairie our service advisors and technicians will ensure you have a smooth and great experience.  Customer satisfaction is a top priority and we will help answer and diagnose any concerns or problems you may be having with your vehicle.

Our brake repair shop in Grande Prairie, AB is home to a state of the art facility and equipped to handle any type of brake repair you or your vehicle may need to be done.

The team at our Quick Lane will work quickly, efficiently but most importantly meticulous to ensure that all our repairs are made with accuracy and safety in mind. We are one of Grande Prairie's most trusted auto repair shops and work hard to make sure we provide the best care to our customers and their vehicles.

No matter your concerns or questions we will always work hard to go above and beyond your expectations. Should you need it, we will help explain every step of the inspection and repair process to ensure your satisfaction and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you at Quick Lane Trader Ridge for all your brake needs, oil changes, tires, batteries and more!

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