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Tire Shop Grande Prairie, AB

We are not like a lot of tire shops in Grande Prairie.  At Quick Lane Trader Ridge we offer competitive pricing on all major brands of tires and we won't be beaten!  We will not be undersold on tires.  We serve Grande Prairie and all of the Peace Country with high-quality tires and tire repairs.

No appointment is needed, simply visit our location and one of our tire experts will help you find the right tires for your needs.  Not only do we sell winter tires and all season's we service them as well, including installation, tire balancing, tire rotation, flat repair and wheel alignments.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle you can rest easy knowing you and your vehicle are well taken care of.  If you're looking to find tires in Grande Prairie or want to book an appointment for service simply visit our location at Quick Lane Trader Ridge or book online here.

Winter Tires For Sale In Grande Prairie
Tire Shop In Grande Prairie, AB

The Right Set Of New Winter Or All Season Tires

Your feet get sore after a long walk...so do your tires after you drive.  It's an inevitable fact that tires get old and tires get worn down and at some point, you'll need to purchase a new set of winter or all-season tires.   A tire failure can be catastrophic causing your car to go out of control or leave you stranded somewhere in the middle of winter.

When you visit Quick Lane Trader Ridge one of our service advisors or technicians will look at your vehicle and they will be able to provide you with the right advice on your vehicle tire needs.

Before you visit there are a few things you can keep an eye on before visiting our tire shop in Grande Prairie.

  • Tread Depth: The tread on your tires should never fall below 1/16 of an inch in depth.  You can visit our location for a complimentary check.
  • The Tread Wear Indicator Bar:  Some tires (newer ones especially) have indicator bars built into them to check the tread. These bars are invisible or barely visible when tires are new and gradually show as the tires wear.
  • Cracks In The Sidewall: Not every problem with tires will be part of the tread. Sidewall checks are easy to do, if you notice cracks or cuts in the sidewall it could be a sign that your tire is due to be replaced. It's important to get these looked at as soon as possible. Better safe than sorry we say!
  • Bulges and Blisters: On some older tires the outer surface of the tire can begin to weaken. When that happens a bulge or blister can start to show on the outside of the tire surface. This weak spot can cause a sudden blow out on the road and can potentially put you and your car in the hospital.
  • Vibration: Some vibration is inevitable in your tires when driving, especially on rough Grande Prairie roads. It could mean your tires are unbalanced or even some internal problems with the tire itself. Come to Quick Lane Trader Ridge to get them checked out.


Why Choose Quick Lane Trader Ridge For Tires?

Quick Lane Trader Ridge in Grande Prairie is home to an incredible tire shop and service center.  We've got state of the art equipment to check everything tires, including an automated tread depth checker. Simply driving over our tread check will give a digital readout while you get your vehicle or tires service.

We've also got the largest tire storage facility in Grande Prairie. If your winter or summer tires are taking up to much space then contact us to learn about how we can care for your tires. We'll store them, care for them and make sure they're ready for you when you need to switch them in the new season.

Our Quick Lane team works hard to ensure we meet our customer's expectations. We are Grande Prairie's premium auto repair shop and will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about tires in Grande Prairie, AB.

The team at our Quick Lane will work quickly, efficiently and meticulously to ensure that all our repairs are made with accuracy. We are one of Grande Prairie's most trusted auto repair shops and work hard to make sure we provide the best care to our customers and their vehicles.

Come see us at Quick Lane Trader Ridge to learn more about our tire services, brakes, batteries, oil changes, wheel alignments, and more!

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